No, It is a real embed code so it will not affect your site speed.

We offer 7 days free trial plan then after you will have to upgrade your plan.

No, If you create a form from your store then it works only on that store. HTML form code will not work in another store.

Yes, You can create multiple form on the same website.

Kindly refresh your browser cache by giving the command "Ctrl F5" to fix this temporary cache issue or wait a few minutes in case of a temporary connection issue.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

If this problem persists, please email us at sid@cirklestudio.co and give us your website URL.

If you are not receiving emails with our contact form, please check your spam box.

If that will not work, then email us on sid@cirklestudio.co.

Following steps will solve this issue in 99.5% of cases.

Yes, our contact form uses Ajax loading/validation technology to prevent spam and robot submissions.

In rare cases if you are receiving spam messages then you can turn on our advanced ReCaptcha feature in your settings and enabled it under your form.

You can use either both or any one of them. Set your API key under settings and choose a subscription list from the form edit or by creating a new form.

Yes, you can edit the sender's email address and subject too. We allow you to add any email address as a sender email.

The attachment supports most of file types except program or executable files and it should be up to 2 MB..

Mailchimp only adds NEW email addresses to your Mailchimp lists (not addresses which have already on or previously deleted from your mailchimp list).

You can uncheck double opt-in box to allow for single opt-in (without verification step).

Please make sure that the first and last name are "not required" in Mailchimp. In that, go to "Lists" - "Settings" - "List Fields and *MERGE* Tags". Make sure First and Last Name "Required" Boxes are UNCHECKED.

This is real embed contact form where you can get the HTML code. You can easily make the design as per your way. Just need to add your theme classes to the HTML and remove class "cs-custom-form" from the parent div of the HTML code.

Yes, You can send the data to the third party server using "Webhook URL". If you add any URL in "Webhook URL" then it sends form data to that URL in JSON format.

If you have installed code in Shopify's page then not an issue. But if you have placed embed code in theme's file(ex: template or snippets) then it must required to install/copy on new theme. See here how to install code in theme.

Please add your domain in google recaptcha admin, To render google recaptcha in shopify admin please add another domain "ecf.cirkleinc.com"